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Tozeret Haaretz – Israel's Young Adult Communities Movement. Tozeret Haaretz establishes, operates, and accompanies communities of young adults throughout Israel's geo-social periphery. We create life centers for young adults within peripheral cities by creating the best possible conditions and infrastructure for young people's lives.

Tozeret Haaretz was founded in 2011 by young Israelis with a vision to change Israeli society from within. Currently, we are active in 15 locations throughout Israel, ranging from Kiryat Shemona in the North to Dimona in the South.

Kiryat Shmona / Tiberias / Hatzor HaGlilit / Safed / Katzrin / Nof Hagalil / Lod / Bnei Brak / Jerusalem / Sderot / Nahal Oz / Netivot / Rahat / Kiryat Malakhi / Dimona
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Young Adults are Our Future

We believe that strengthening the younger generation, the leaders of tomorrow is necessary for our success as a nation and a country.

Although Israel's periphery poses many challenges, we believe that the periphery is the right place to operate, because it has tremendous potential for growth and development, especially for the young generation. The future lies in the periphery.

The only way young adults can realize this potential is by joining a community.
Community provides a sense of belonging, meaning, and the capability to lead change - through joint action, uniting forces, and working hand in hand.

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Around our table, we include all parts of Israeli society, and we, as sons and daughters of this land, are forming the vision of Israel we dream of living in. Our various community members represent the different sectors of Israeli society, secular and traditional Jews, ultra-orthodox and modern orthodox Jews, Olim (immigrants), Muslim Arabs, and Christians. We respect every group's needs and value their differences, Tozeret Haaretz -Young Communities form a nationwide network, an open, diverse, and inclusive movement for change for the young people of Israel and the generations to come.

Our vision in Tozeret Haaretz is to create an equal and unified Israeli society and build bridges between the different tribes, by creating dialogue, addressing the challenges and dilemmas we face together, finding our common ground and mutual values, and identifying the center that we can all stand around and support.

courses of action

Our Courses of Action

Communities that form a Communal Network

The vision of Tozeret Haaretz becomes a reality through two complementary courses of action tailored to the community members' life stages.

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Tozeret Haaretz' Student Scholarship Program - every year 800 male and female students participate in a two-year scholarship program in which they experience community life and run social initiatives for the city's young adults in exchange for scholarships. The student communities are the driving force behind the local Young Communal Network.



Tozeret Haaretz' Young Communal Network – Tozeret Haaretz communities join hundreds of young people in each city and together establish the local 'Young Communal Network' that operates social initiatives that aim to strengthen the future of the city's young adults – running cultural events, developing education systems, creating local entertainment, and more.



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