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The Young Adults Who Are Making History

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Tozeret Haaretz' community members are taking action on all fronts – fighting on the front lines, strengthening the home front, volunteering in agriculture – we go where we are needed. In the security and rescue forces, supporting the families of reservists, helping over 1,000 families who were evacuated from their homes near the southern and northern borders, those who remained on the front line, and more.

In total, since the beginning of the war, Tozeret Haaretz has engaged and continues to engage with approximately 2,000 families. About 1,000 of them are families evacuated from the southern and northern borders. In addition, the Tozeret Haaretz communities sent care packages and homecooked meals to thousands of soldiers.

We are proud to share some of the inspiring initiatives that have been led by the Tozeret Haaretz community members since the very beginning of the war:

'Tzav8 Families' Initiative

Every soldier on reserve duty who is now defending our nation and our country has a family waiting at home. A family that needs to stay strong for their children on the home front and for their soldiers fighting on the front. We call these families 'Tzav8 Families', and their resilience is just as important as that of the soldiers on the front. In the long battle that still lies ahead, Israeli society must be resilient for us to win.

As a response to the needs of thousands of Israeli families at this time Tozeret Haaretz' members are establishing a support system for all those families where one of the parents is currently serving in the military reserves, security, or medical forces, as well as for all the families who have been evacuated from their homes due to the war. The 'Tzav8 Families' initiative offers support and assistance in various fields - from running activities for children and adults to assisting with housework.

Example of activities:

· Running activities to ease the tension and stress for children and adults

· Supporting evacuated families from the south and the north

· Volunteering to provide babysitting services

· Help with cooking and daily errands

· Delivering cakes and Challah for Shabbat, arts and crafts kits for children, and more

The 'Tzav8 Families' initiative is already operating in Netivot, Kiryat Malachi, Hatzor Haglilit, Pardes Katz, Givat Shmuel, Tiberias, Jerusalem, and more.


The initiative focuses on assisting the residents who remained in the city with anything they need – helping with grocery shopping, babysitting, cooking for families, running activities for children, opening a hotline to support parents, doing laundry for soldiers, and more.

Pardes Katz

Once a week, members of the ultra-orthodox community pack arts and crafts kits, games, cakes, and more and distribute them to over 30 families of reservists.


The students of the ultra-orthodox branch of Bezalel Art School hold arts and crafts activities for the children of 'Tzav8 Families' and evacuated families from the south in the hotels and neighborhood centers throughout the city.


The Tozeret Haaretz members run a program that aims to creatively engage elementary school children who are unable to go to school and do not have access to remote classes.


The Tozeret Haaretz community along with the local Sea Center engage the youth of the evacuated families from the southern and northern borders in empowering and bonding activity. Hundreds of children go Kayaking in the Sea of ​​Galilee, engage in physical activity, and enjoy the calmness of the Sea of ​​Galilee.

Hatzor Haglilit

The local Tozeret Haaretz community took in the families of the evacuees with such warmth and dedication. They hold communal gatherings for morale and emotional support and run regular activities for the children that allow parents to rest a little.

Kiriyat Malachi

The Tozeret Haaretz community members run activities for children in the local bomb shelters, such as - story time, arts and crafts, and games.

Givat Shmuel

Although Tozeret Haaretz does not operate in Givat Shmuel regularly, Moriah Shankur, Director of Tozeret Haaretz' Southern District, who evacuated from her home in Sderot to Givat Shmuel established an active community of 'Tzav8 Families' in the city. The community runs activities for the children, distributes arts and crafts kits, DIY pizza kits, and more.


Local Leadership

Tozeret Haaretz' members take initiative wherever they are, here are some stories that show us what this generation is made of:

Nachal Oz

The members of Tozeret Haaretz Nachal Oz are currently residing with the entire Nachal Oz kibbutz in Mishmar HaEmek. The Tozeret Haaretz members, along with the other young adults of the kibbutz play an important role in the attempt to rebuild the community. They are active members of the emergency team that takes care of all the residents' needs: from personal welfare to rescuing pets, personal belongings, and equipment from the destroyed houses on the kibbutz. Many of the Tozeret Haaretz members can easily make other living arrangements, and yet they chose to stay in Mishmar HaEmek, along with the kibbutz community. Today - this is their home.

Drafting of Ultra-Orthodox Members

Pinchas Ainhoren, Director of Tozeret Haaretz' Central District and formerly director of the ultra-orthodox community in Pardes Katz, was one of the first volunteers in the ultra-orthodox sector to volunteer for the first time to support the IDF's logistics unit.

Pinchas chose to enlist because "this is our civic duty at this time, and this our way to be a part of what we call an Israeli Jew. As someone who considers himself a leader in Israeli society, I cannot stand on the side while others do for me."


The Tozeret Haaretz members are frequently active in the neighborhoods and operate the municipal 'Civic Emergency Center', which includes helping the city's residents, clearing and preparing the bomb shelters, collecting donations and distributing them to the residents, and more.


Volunteering In Agriculture

Tozeret Haaretz is helping our students apply for scholarships for agricultural volunteering. We highly encourage this important mission and are assisting our students with what they need in order to volunteer.

Over 200 students expressed interest in this type of activity, and we are working to find a scholarship for every one of them.

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