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Operation Iron Swords - Tozeret Haaretz Netivot

On October 7th, our hearts broke into a million pieces, we all woke up to a difficult and painful new reality.

Tozeret Haaretz Netivot greaves for our fallen brothers and sisters and prays for the safe return of all the hostages as soon as possible.

'Tzav8 Families' Initiative

Our role in the community is especially important these days, along with the pain and hardship Tozeret Haaretz Netivot is committed to helping the families of the reservists and the security forces.

In this new reality, many families were called to Tzav8. Many men and women, combat soldiers in the reserves, and members of the security forces were called to protect our country and our home.

Tozeret Haaretz' community in Netivot set out to help the 'Tzav8 Families' and support them in any way possible so that they don’t go through this alone. That is the power of community.

At first, we received requests for help from families and began understanding their needs. It wasn't long before we began operating on several interfaces. With the help of the World Zionist Organization, Tozeret Haaretz in partnership with the 'Anchor for the Families of the Reservists' sent over 150 packages to the families, we opened a hotline available 24/7 for parents who needed educational guidance and counseling, and we connected them to various professionals when needed. In addition, we assistted in grocery shopping, handed out shopping vouchers to families in need, and distributed home-cooked meals that our amazing students prepared.

The Shared Activity Space

One of the challenges we addressed at the beginning of the war was the feeling of loneliness that many experienced. In addition to the fear and worry that many residents felt, they also felt so alone. Staying home alone with the children while the spouse is out on the front lines is not an easy thing to do.

For this reason we opened the 'Shared Activity Space'. It is open a few days a week for anyone who wants to come and spend time there with their children, drink a cup of coffee and chat with other parents, gather strength and receive support.

Care Packages for the Kindergartens

Tozeret Haaretz Netivot takes part in the 'Dror' kindergarten's activity throughout the year by giving educational guidance and creating a vibrant parents' community. The kindergarten staff and our community members got together, prepared and delivered care packages to all the children to express their love and support.

Participation in the Global Memorial Ceremony

The Word Zionist Organization, our dear partners, invited us to take part in the global memorial ceremony and connect with Jewish communities from all over the world.

We joined the ceremony from our Communal Home in Netivot. The ceremony was hosted by Keren Hayesod and the Jewish Agency.

After the ceremony, we recited prayers together for the healing of our dear community member Or Ma'atuk, from the Givati ​​combat unit, who was wounded in Gaza.

Supporting Our Soldiers

The streets of our special and beautiful city filled up with soldiers, uniforms, and pride.

The soldiers approached us and asked for help with some of their baic needs, such as food and laundry. Tozeret Haaretz' students responded immediately to their request and are assisting them in every possible way, along with the Netivot Municipality and residents of the city.

Distribution of packages to all Netivot residents prepared by 'Netivim'.

Looking Ahead

In the midst of this complex situation, we decided to begin with our weekly Communal Gatherings since we believe that togetherness brings strength and healing to the heart.


On 26.11 we will be conducting a 'Begging of the Year Seminar'

On 27.11 we will meet for our first official Communal Gathering

The students will return to their routine of meetings and social activities, but the focus of all activity will be - assistance in the emergency routine. We will continue with the important work we do for the benefit of our beloved city and its people.

We are here for everyone, we will continue to strengthen our city and bring light into the darkness. Especially during these challenging times when the pain is so great, focusing on doing good and helping others can help us heal our wounded heart.

We are Tozeret Haaretz Netivot, and


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