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A shout-out to 4 outstanding Tozeret Haaretz members

Let's raise our glasses to 4 Tozeret Haaretz members

we are so proud of!

Educator, Yehudit Negusa, Tozeret Haaretz member, Kiryat Malachi.

Yehudit was chosen to light a torch on Mount Herzl during Israel's 75th Independence Day for her work as the founder and head of the pre-army program "A Chance for Change", which operates in Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, near the Gaza border. The pre-army program appeals to young men who have been exempted from army service due to incompatibility and a criminal record and are ready to undergo an intensive change process, giving them a second chance for meaningful military service.

"All the trainees came with high motivation, but at the beginning they did not believe that they would survive in the pre-army program for more than a few weeks, certainly not six months. They also did not think that the IDF would allow them to enlist considering their problematic background. We took them on field trips, hikes, and navigations. The trainees went through a process during which they realized the mistakes they had made in the past and made a decision to not repeat them. We also met with soldiers from special units and cadets in the officers' course. All this helped these young men realize that change is possible and that they can face any challenge. There is magic in this place that is hard to explain. The possibility for the boys to make amends and get a second chance - that's our story."

We are proud of you Yehudit!

Matanya Zilberberg, Tozeret Haaretz Community Coordinator in Sderot.

Matanya was selected for the list of 75 Promising Young Adults of Israel for his work leading the 'Aseret' movement, which operates many projects in Israel and around the world and whose vision is to unite the people of Israel around the values ​​of the Ten Commandments.

"My dream is for there to be true unity of all the people of Israel around the core values ​​of the Ten Commandments. The success of the movement is only thanks to many good Israelis who want to change the discourse and lead us to unity together, as a nation. My blessing for the State of Israel is that it will have the privilege of establishing a unifying and binding constitution that is based on the values ​​of Judaism but accepted by all."

We are proud of you Matanya!

Shikma Lachmani and Yarden Barel, Tozeret Haaretz members in Hatzor Haglilit

Shikma and Yarden were chosen to light a torch in Hatzor's Independence Day celebration for their engagement in social activities and initiatives in the city for the benefit of its residents and their future.

We are proud of you Shikma and Yarden!

Yehudit, Matanya, Shikma, and Yarden – we are so proud of your achievements and the important work you do.

Happy Independence Day!

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