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Tsav8 Families משפחות צו8
Tozeret Haaretz' Young Communities support the families of soldiers on reserve duty.
Our brothers and Sisters in the reserve duty and the emergency forces need our help during these difficult times - in keeping their families safe and taking care of them, while they are fighting to protect our lives and our country.


With the help of our voluntary community teams, we will make sure all their needs are met and we will do our utmost to ease these difficult times for them in every way possible for us.

Examples of support/help activities:
- Volunteers to provide babysitting services when needed
- Help with cooking and daily errands
- Activities to ease the tension and stress for children and adults
- Delivering cakes and Challa for Shabbat, arts and crafts kits for children, food baskets, and more. 


We need your Support!
Help us be there for them!


Through the form below you will be able to donate a chosen amount to the Tsav8 Families Initiative via credit card. If you would like to donate an amount that is not found in the form below and is higher than 360 NIS please contact us at 

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Thank you for your donation!

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